International construction company work with Inspired Corporate Advisory to unlock R&D tax credits.

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International construction company work with Inspired Corporate Advisory to unlock R&D tax credits.

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Daniel Lane

International Finance Manager

‘The process from start to finish was brilliant with INSPIRED. Eugene & Colm were very hands on with our application and made the whole process very easy from beginning to end. Inspired were always available to discuss and chat through the different aspects of our application. Eugene & Colm were also very good at walking us through the process and helping our teams fully understand the R&D scheme.

Starting new business relationships over Microsoft Teams can often be challenging but with Eugene & Colm it actually didn’t make any difference. From the first meeting, Inspired were very professional while also developing a good personal relationship with us.

I would definitely recommend INSPIRED to others. Often with professional services companies’ clients can feel like just a number but it was the complete opposite with Inspired. We felt like valued clients and have been provided with a fantastic service by Inspired.’

About Ardmac.

Ardmac are an international construction company that delivers high value workspaces and technical environments. Ardmac’s reputation is built by delivering results and exceeding client expectations in line with their guiding principles.

In over 40 years, they have grown from a small Irish operation to the leading provider of high-tech cleanrooms, data centre solutions, quality fit-outs, specialised refurbishments, and turn-key construction of manufacturing facilities across Europe.

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They use the latest digital construction tools and commit to reducing costs and improving efficiencies by utilising BIM & 3D visualisation, providing a broad portfolio of solutions including modular systems.

They implement the latest, proven technology to improve processes that add value to their customers, improve efficiencies and solve industry specific problems.

The Ardmac Digital Construction Team is at the forefront of innovation constantly exploring how the latest tools, software applications and hardware can be deployed to support and enhance the work of their project and field teams.

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Inspired in collaboration with several directors and project managers, simplified the process as much as possible to help Ardmac with their first ever claim.

Taking the workload of the company and helping them gain a better understanding throughout of the qualifying aspects of their work.

In Review.

Ardmac having not claimed R&D tax credits previously, now have an understanding off the qualifiyng aspects of their work and the costs associated with the claim.

Going forward, aware of how valuable the claim is to the growth of their business they will document all relevent information and R&D expenditure.

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