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Are you searching for innovative solutions to technical challenges?

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R&D activities in manufacturing.

Within manufacturing the areas of greatest opportunity for long-term high value growth involve significant research and development activities.

Much manufacturing activity is almost unrecognizable from the end of the 20th century and the pace of change is only going to accelerate as automation, digitization and an imperative on sustainability become increasingly prominent.

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The creation of new and improved products is an everyday outcome of Research and Development activities.

Manufacturing companies who are striving to improve their production with the implementation of improved processes or automation can also benefit from R&D tax credits.

Leon Faulkner

R&D, Grants Consultant

What types of activities qualify then?

Qualifying activities are wide-ranging but will depend on a number of factors, such as the level of technical uncertainty, the level of design input and responsibility, and the level of risk.

However, in all cases, there should be an advancement of knowledge or capability in the sector.

Some examples of qualifying activity are outlined below:

  • Inspired Corporate Advisory Development of innovative products with new or improved functionality
  • Inspired Corporate Advisory Prototype development activities including design and testing
  • Inspired Corporate Advisory Integrating substitute materials into processes to achieve greater efficiency or respond to legislative requirements.
  • Inspired Corporate Advisory Developing new equipment or components for in-house manufacturing processes
  • Inspired Corporate Advisory Custom integration of automated processes and new technology into existing manufacturing processes

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Eugene O’Neill FCA CTA

Managing Partner

Eugene is a highly experienced R&D tax credit and Capital Allowances specialist, having led tax incentives teams within two multi-national practices prior to establishing the Inspired team.

A Chartered Tax Adviser and Chartered Accountant, Eugene places paramount importance on developing in-depth knowledge of his client’s businesses and operational activity, which places clients in the best position to identify and claim against qualifying R&D activity

Michael Heinicke FCA CTA


At Inspired Corporate Advisory, Michael is the Director with responsibility for tax technical knowledge and innovation.  He works to develop strategic client and partner relationships to innovate how Inspired deliver maximum value to all stakeholders.  Michael also provides guidance across functions to optimise the way in which services are delivered.    

Prior to joining the team, Michael spent 18 years in PwC across Manchester and Belfast and was most recently a Tax Director leading the Innovation & Capital Incentives practice within Northern Ireland. Michael also previously led PwC’s Corporate Tax business in Northern Ireland between 2015 and 2018.

Colm Cavavagh ACA


Through both industry and sporting circles, Colm has amassed an extensive network of clients, collaborators and contacts which has been maintained and grown with his excellent relationship management skills.

Colm is a trusted advisor to many clients and peers. Colm is a Chartered Accountant with both practice and industry experience, and has vast experience in R&D tax credits, both from a practice and company perspective, giving him an insight into both best-practice and the needs and concerns of clients.

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